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BA (Hons) Interior Design

Manchester School of Art

BA (Hons) Interior Design is concerned with the occupation of space, how it is used and importantly, how it is experienced. We promote the understanding and subsequent remodelling of existing spaces, in order to create meaningful interventions. The occupant or ‘protagonist’ is central to the design proposals.

Unit X : The Future of Shelter

Unit X showcases student proposals for a live project with Lesley Batchelor from Hemingway Design as design consultant. The brief is responding to the Future of the retail charity shop Shelter, and their multifaceted role in the community. Their designs are in response to the Preston Shelter Furniture Shop and a hypothetical Pop Up in Manchester.


About Unit X

"Unit X brings together students from different disciplines to work on live project briefs created by a wide range of partner organisations working with our academic staff."

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